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How long will recovery take?

Published: September 17, 2004

Recovery takes a long time. Most recovery occur within 6 months but many people continue to recover function for a year or more.

A recent poll of the CareCure Community suggests that 61% recovered function more than one year after injury. In another poll, 16-18% of people who are “complete” spinal cord injury recovered additional function 3 or more years after injury.

A recent study detailed how Christopher Reeve recover function over 7 years after his injury. So, recovery frequently continues for years after injury.

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3 Comments to “How long will recovery take?”
  1. joy balagosa says:

    i am glad to read your releases the stress in me and in my family about the recovery of spinal cord injury. my brother who is already a third year college got a motorcycle accident a few weeks ago.he undergone surgery because of the compression of his spinal cord at t11. after reading your article… i feel a lot of hope towards his situation..thank you.

  2. Santhosh Kumar says:

    I met with an accident 2 years back. complete spinal cord injury t4 level. with in 6 months I feel touch sensation getting back. Now I feel tightness on legs. Hope I will walk soon. :)

  3. Nagaraj K says:

    I am Nagaraj had a fall from first floor resulted in compression of my spinal cord in may 14th 2008 till now it has not cured and now my both the kidney’s got failure s-cratnine is about 6.1 which has to be 0.7 for normal condition, due to spinal cord injury i am unable to under go dialysis plz give me good suggestions to over come my situation and help me to come out of this hell.. my contact num is +918892941125

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