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Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Paralysis

Published: October 30, 2007  |  Source:

Types of Paralysis


It occurs usually due to injury or disease of spinal cord and occurs in both the legs. It is generally accompanied by loss of sensation below the level of injury and disturbed bladder function.


This type of paralysis involves both sides of the body, and severly affects the legs than the arms. Cerebral diplegia is far more severe and dangerous when the damage is widespread.


It is paralysis of one side of the body, when movements of face are affected more severely than those of the leg. It is caused by disease of the opposite (contralateral) hemisphere of the brain.


It is paralysis of a single part of the body.


It is a technical name for polio or infantile Paralysis. It is caused by an infective virus that affects the Central Nervous System (CNS). The disease can be divided into various categories which are of no interest to a reader. This disorder is most common in those areas where there is poor sanitation poliomyelitis is common is most areas in our country, but the disease can be controlled.

Locomotor Ataxia or Tabes dorsalis:

It is a form when neurosyphilis occurs after 5-20 years after the (original) venereal infection. The infecting organisms gradually or progressively destroy the sensory nerves, when severe stabbing pains occur in the trunk and legs, gait becomes tottering or staggering and unsteady, loss of control over bladder is another accompanying symptom. A few patients may have damage of optic nerves that results in blurred vision. Young or middle aged persons are often the victims. Nomeclation of disease depends on the affection of a particular area of body like brain, spinal cord or nerves; that is why terms like cerebral, spinal or peripheral paralysis are often used.

Shaking or Trembling Paralysis or Paralysis Agitans, or Parkinsonism (Parkinson’s disease) are the terms used for rigidity of muscles and rhythmical tremors.

Other types include wasting paralysis, progressive muscular Atrophy, Facial Paralysis (or Bell’s Palsy). Paralysis is a disease, of whatever etiology it may belong to, that takes much longer to cure, when patience of both the patient and physician as also of the attendants is on hard test.

Home Remedies

Try following combinations either severely or jointly, depending upon stage, condition and symptoms of the subject patient.

Powder of Ashwagandha – 1gm, Vata Vidhwansan Rasa – 1 gm, Chopcheeni chuma – 50mg, Pippli Moola – 1gm should be taken thrice daily with water.

Rasanadi Quath (50ml) may be taken twice daily.

Vrihat Vata Chentamani Ras – 25mg, Ashwagandha Chuma – 1 gm. Take it as a one dose.

Take 2 such doses with soup of weat(12 hourly dose).

125mg of Rasaraj a should be taken as last thing in the night with milk.

Massage the affected parts with Mahanarayan taila.

Mix up 50 ml Mashabaladi Quath, 50 mg asafoetida and 500 mg of Rock salt and shake well and store in a bottle having a dropper. It should be used as nasal drops – for the purpose of being inserted in the opposite nostril to the affected side. For instance if paralysis has affected right side, use drops in the left nostril and so on.

For Memory Impairment and loss of memory, it is always better to seek advice of an experienced physician. Memory failure in old age lasts long; hence treatment is also for longer duration; childhood symptoms can be met with earlier success, traumatic memory failure is not difficult to cure but needs careful and constant monitoring and treatment; hence no hard and fast rules can be applied.]

Robert Baird

This is muscle weakness that varies in its extent, severity and degree of Flaccidity or Spasticity according to the nature of the underlying disorder and its distribution in spinal cord, brain, Peripheral nerves or muscles.

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30 Comments on “Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Paralysis”

  1. rameshnarayan says:

    its good, ……….thank u verymuch..

  2. PRABAL Rai says:

    I just one to know that is there any Ayurvedic medicines for spasticity caused by post stroke? Please give me some information on it and also is ther any message oil which helps to reduce spasticity?

  3. tejas says:

    Wonderful… Just amazing!

  4. sachin says:

    I just one to know that is there any Ayurvedic medicines for transverse myelitis? Iam suffring from 14 years. my both leg and my left hand not working.please give me some information on it.

  5. Janini says:

    Hi, I’m janini from singapore, my brother met an accident
    Recently, his right leg have been removed till
    Knee level and due to spinal cord injury
    He have been paralyze from the hip down,
    Will he be recovered by Ayurvedic ??

    Pls let me know, we are deeply heart broken.
    He is only 19 years old!!

  6. Sanat paul says:

    only GOD and properly physiotheraphy can active your brother legs.there are no other way at all to active legs of spinal cord injury.just i am suggest you as per my experience becoz my daughter was suffered by spinal cord injury.

  7. Naveen Joshi says:

    My mother also suffering from Paralysis since April 2011. Initially she was admitted in Haldwani but when there was no sign of recovery we brought her in Delhi (Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) but even after 26 days at the hospital, her condition remained the same.
    Now, she is undergoing Ayurveda treatement in Bambavad village near Dadri (Noida). Although, there is still no recovery but when I go there and meet poeple who come for the treatment and tell me that they were suffering from the paralysis from last 7-8 years and are coming here for treatment from 2 years and are well now, it increases my hope that my mother can also be well, may be not now but might be after 1-2 years.
    I thought to share this as it can be beneficial for others.

  8. shelly says:

    hi ,my dad had stroke 5 years ago .his left side got paralysed .he recovered a lot but he feels really low in himself ..he still cannot go out himself .i think he has given up .could you suggest something which help him to strength his mind and heart .plzzzz help ….i really need to do something for him

  9. nasim says:

    I am suffering from paralysis by spinal cord injury(paraplegia) for 2months,
    I really need to know if there is any cure or drug at least to speed up the recovery. I feel so dawn these days.
    Thanks to any body who can help me.

  10. kumar says:

    hi..iam kumar…iam suffering from backache..i met with an accident last year..due to accident there was a problem in spinal cord..joint of spinal spilled front..when i met doctor he said that he will insert rod between joints by operation..can u give details of treatment,duration, fee

  11. abhishek chavan says:

    any type of paralysis patients especially hemiplegia and monoplegia patients plez contact me on 9618033314

  12. Gautam Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I need suggestion from you regarding the brain stoke cases, recently my father also got brain stoke before 5 months ago, doctor is suggesting that it will take upto 6 months from recovering him. Now is not able to talk, speech is slurish.

    Kindly suggest me what to do with this type of problems.

    Gautam Sharma

  13. Bharathi says:

    My father had a fall from the stairs and had a severe head injury. Its almost two and half years now. He had come back to normal. He was able to walk and ear. But it so happened i lost my Mom and he got to know and was a shock and had a second attack (seizure). Even after this he was fine. We admitted him in Rehab centre. There was negligence and had a fall and had a shock and stopped talking, eating. Now we had to take him to the hospital and had to diagnose. He is on Ryles tube and had severe bed sore for which we are having him treatment. He is not recognising. He sees us.

    Please suggest I have lost my Mother. I do not want to lose my Dad. Can you pleasse let me know further treatment for him

    My contact no. would be 9902899182.


  14. aswini says:

    i m an occupational therapist… people with spinal cord injury will need rehabilitation and usually the rehab team consists of physiatrist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist, vocational counsellor and social worker… better take to him to a rehabilitation institute and the training will surely improve his quality of life…

  15. Mehebub Hossain says:

    Hi, I Mehebub from Siliguri (W.B). Friends my mom suffering paralysis since 2004, In that time she was admitted in Siliguri Sadar Hospital. After 11 days at hospital her condition have no change. Then we decided we will go ayurvedic tretment.And just 2 yrs after treatment she was well. But recently (7th jan,2012)
    she again affected by paralysis and this time she has no condition to eat ayurved medicine. What can I do? pls help me..

  16. Mehebub Hossain says:

    Hi Naveen I think u and me suffering same problem. I want to talk with you on Phone.

  17. Rudra pradhan says:

    hi i am rudra ,
    i am suffering from paralysis(spinal cord injury).and i am not able to move my right part properly . please help me to give fast recovery solution for my problem. thanks for whom who can help me..

  18. rajeish gupta says:

    My Uncle met with accident last month. Noe it fonnd that below neck he is sudfring from Quadriparesis. Can someone suggest appropriate treatment for him

  19. ashish says:

    My frnd has been suffering spinal cord injury paralysis since 2 year…she has only 21 year….sir I wanna know that hw can we treat her from home remind….plz send me some tips of exercise oil nam oiling process and medicine…..

    Sir reply me soonly

  20. Anurag says:

    Me want remedy suffering from paralysis

  21. gurjeet says:

    i am a hemiplegia patient suffering from last 2.5years taking physotherapy daily but could not walk or do any work independently please suggest any treatme

  22. suresh prasad shrestha says:

    I am kabiraj(ayurveda health assistance)
    In about SCI (incompleate) I cured one patient before one year ago and now i’m suffiring treatment another patient.
    I hope that he is well certainly………. god blesh me…………..

  23. kunal says:

    sir got a heart attack its been 2.5yrs
    i m having my left let isnt working plz
    advice any home made oil or any ayurvedic oil

  24. Ramasamy says:

    Hi Kabiraj, I am keen to know where you are based. I have been looking for a good ayurvedic practitioner to treat me. I am a paraplegic for the past two years due to a spinal cord injury resulting from a car accident.

  25. well advise.
    May Allah give u guidance ……Amin

  26. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Sir, pls give some suggest that my friend has been suffering from spinal cord and whole body does not power even he can't eat by himself for last 6 year's right nw 18 years old ,his pyralysis came when he was 12 years. Now can't do anything. Pls suggest us…. Contact no:09632414523

  27. I am unable to walk properly after my spinal operation I walk with the help of a crutch. Is there any way that I cab be healed and walk again

  28. YOU MAY CONTACT indian spinal injuries centre vasant kunj new delhi 01142255225
    i try to contact via phone but you did not responded

  29. Pankaj Khola says:

    My Son 21 years Old, suffered an Motorcycle Accident on 20 Dec 2015 and had a fractured D4 Spinal Cord and also some delocation of D4 & D6 spinal Cord. He went for a surgery at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, India. He is diagnosed as a Paraplegia patient. He is currently undergoing Physiotherapy at home and also alternatively last 10 days started Acupuncture treatment from a Chinese acupuncturist. On internet not much information is available BUT during Clinical research success is observed in some cases bu University of California and University of Hydelberg Germany(links can be shared with you). Chinese have been treating different Spinal Cord injury cases. His Left leg gives signals and starts shaking sometimes automatically. These are good signals for some success. One should try acupuncture.
    If any Friend can share some more News/Treatments available on this, i will be thankful.
    Gurgaon, Delhi Region, INDIA
    Contact- +91 9729595560