Thursday, April 24th 2014

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Articles Tagged: Rick Hansen Foundation

March 6, 1987: Rick Hansen wheels into city hearts

Published: March 6, 2014 | Category: News

Rick Hanson039.jpgEDMONTON – Rick Hansen’s gruelling worldwide odyssey for spinal-cord research rolled into Edmonton to the cheers of hundreds of flag-waving children and adults.

He rolled his wheelchair past more than 500 people who gathered to greet him at Gateway Park near the southern city limits.

“I want to make it very clear that the reason I am wheeling around the world is to try to create a much better understanding of disabled persons and their potential,” the 29-year-old said amid shouts and applause. Continue Reading »

Helping people with spinal cord injuries

Published: February 20, 2014 | Category: News

Helping people with spinal cord injuriesREGINA — Meeting Rick Hansen during his Man in Motion world tour sparked six-year-old Josef Buttigieg’s fascination with biology and set his career course in motion.

Twenty-eight years after first meeting Hansen, Buttigieg is a biology professor at the University of Regina. Recently he received a $100,000 grant over two years from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) to improve the lives of people with spinal cord injuries.

One day Buttigieg hopes he’s able to heal his hero. Continue Reading »

Spinal cord researchers to benefit from $20 M investment from Rick Hansen Foundation

Published: April 12, 2013 | Category: News

Rick Hansen FoundationSpinal cord injury research at the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Coastal Health will be accelerated by a 10-year, $20 million contribution from the Rick Hansen Foundation.

The International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD), a UBC-VCH research centre, will share the funds with the Rick Hansen Institute, which coordinates and assists spinal cord injury researchers around the world. Continue Reading »

Building on progress and a vision for spinal cord injuries

Published: November 18, 2011 | Category: News

Rick Hansen greets students at Cardigan elementarySpinal cord injury is one of the world’s major unsolved health-care challenges, affecting not only the individuals who live with it but also their families. It requires specialized treatment and long-term care, amounting to billions of dollars annually in Canada. As Tracy’s story illustrates, once surgery and rehabilitation are complete, the challenges faced can be relentless – from painful secondary health complications to multiple barriers to reintegration. Continue Reading »

Hansen tour hits 25 years

Published: April 5, 2011 | Category: News

Screams and cheers filled the halls of Rick Hansen Secondary School today as the man for whom the school is named wheeled down the atrium, shaking hands with students and teachers.

On hand to honour Hansen, whose round-the-world wheelchair marathon kick-started a new era of spinal cord research, were hundreds of the school’s students, Mayor Hazel McCallion and Ontario Lieutenant Governor David C. Onley. Continue Reading »

Saskatchewan commits $4.3M to spinal injury research

Published: March 16, 2011 | Category: News

The Government of Saskatchewan is taking a leadership role too, by committing $4.3 million for a Saskatchewan-based initiative, in partnership with the national Rick Hansen Institute, to help with spinal cord research and disability funding.

The announcement was made on Tuesday in Regina, with Hansen, a B.C. native, attending.

The funding will also help commemorate the 25th anniversary of Hansen’s Man in Motion World Tour. The mid-1980s tour saw Hansen travel more than 40,000 kilometres in 34 countries and raise $26 million for spinal cord research. Continue Reading »

Rick Hansen set to re-enact his Man in Motion journey

Published: February 2, 2011 | Category: News

Relay involving 7,000 Canadians chosen from 600 communities along the route will begin on 25th anniversary of historic trek

When an exhausted but triumphant Rick Hansen pushed himself into Vancouver on May 22, 1987, after circling the globe in a wheelchair for two years, the miles were all behind him but the journey was just beginning. Continue Reading »

Rick Hansen pushes for a global research registry on spinal injuries

Published: December 1, 2010 | Category: News

Wheelchair athlete again goes beyond borders to urge scientists to share research for a cure

In laboratories around the world, groups of researchers meticulously work to find a cure for spinal-cord injury. But therein lies a problem: They remain isolated from others in their field, and many centres don’t have nearly enough patients to conduct proper studies.

Rick Hansen’s next big project is looking to change all that. Continue Reading »

Rick Hanson theme song celebrates 25 years

Published: September 10, 2010 | Category: News

It was the song that encouraged Rick Hansen and inspired a nation as Rick wheeled 40,075 km around the world to show the potential of people with disabilities when barriers are removed and to raise funds for spinal cord injury.

St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion) was written by composer David Foster and British musician John Parr as the theme song for the film of the same name but it was Rick’s journey that really became the basis for the song. Continue Reading »

Spinal cord injury victim an “eternal giver”

Published: July 12, 2010 | Category: News

Jeff Scott sounds fairly upbeat calling from his room at the G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre in Vancouver last Saturday. He just spent the day out at Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium, in a wheelchair, the result of a spinal injury suffered on the last day of the ski season in April.

“I’ve got a robot I ride around in and push it to it’s limits when I can,” he said. “I take it off-road sometimes.”

Scott, 25, an avid snowmobiler and snowboarder, was injured in a snowboarding accident at Revelstoke Mountain Resort on the last day of the ski season when he missed the landing on a jump. Continue Reading »