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World’s 1st Human Embryonic Stem Cell Trial for Spinal Cord Injury – Katie Sharify’s Story

Published: November 28, 2012  |  Source: youtube.com

Katie Sharify was one of five people with spinal cord injuries to participate in the world’s first clinical trial testing human embryonic stem cells. The Geron sponsored trial was supported by California’s Stem Cell Agency (CIRM). In this video Katie speaks about her clinical trial experience with a group of scientists who were meeting to discuss the best ways of advancing stem cell clinical trials. CIRM communications manager Amy Adams interviewed Katie and her doctor, Stephen McKenna.

To learn more about the efforts of California’s Stem Cell Agency (CIRM) to accelerate the development of new therapies for chronic disease and injury, visit our home page at: http://www.cirm.ca.gov
For more information about CIRM-funded spinal cord injury research, visit our fact sheet: http://www.cirm.ca.gov/SpinalCordInjury_facts

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